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Thermal scope for sale

Atn Thor 336 60 HZ  4,5x-16x

Retail-$7698, on ebay for $5495

this scope is 6 months old in excellent condition and we will include mini dvr to record audio and video from scope for only $5100

Matching Pair

400 lbs. 4 inch cutters

New Firearms for HogPredators CMMG MK 47 Mutant. We are changing exclusively to these rifles. 7.62x39 More news later

We  carry ATN, Armasight,Nightoptics, Flir and a lot more brands. Scopes, binoculars, and accessories can be purchased through us

HogPredators -As a dealer we can offer to provide almost any nightvision equipment to you for purchase. If you have such a good time that you want your own equipment, we can get it for you

Hogpredators in Rochelle

Now that's some cutters 6 inches above gum

We offer a relaxed atmosphere,good hunting and a safe environment. We are not as expensive as some other people in our business for a reason. We believe everybody should be able to go hunting, not just the elite. This does not mean we are not as good as others we just know the problem these hogs cause and control is necessary.If the lower price bothers you we will let you pay us whatever you feel is necessary..

HogPredators  offers a relaxed safe atmosphere during your hunt. We use Generation 3  nightvision equipment along with the latest thermal technology. Our rifles are CMMG MG 47 Mutant semi automatic rifles. We use 7.62x39  caliber predominately. We furnish all firearms and ammunition for the hunt as well as transportation from location to location. Lodging  is included in our prices. Two cabins with all the comforts of home are available.


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